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Welcome to the Trier region: We are located in the west of Germany and thus in the heart of Europe. Our neighbors are France, Luxembourg and Belgium, which are easy and quick to reach.

The region is an attractive place to live and work for more than half a million people living in the city of Trier and the districts of Bernkastel-Wittlich, Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm, Trier-Saarburg and Vulkaneifel. Among other things, it is characterized by a large natural potential, numerous architectural monuments, a unique wine landscape and a diversified, medium-sized business structure.

We are a young region – 35% are under 30!

10 reasons to work in the Trier region

  • Short working distances
  • Best employment prospects with almost full employment
  • Diverse career opportunities
  • From small businesses to large corporations
  • Wide range & variety of training professions
  • High quality of life & attractive living environment
  • Varied job offers
  • Support offers for start-ups
  • Robust companies with stable jobs
  • Dynamic economic development


Fire, water, air and earth – hardly any other region in Germany is so characterized by the elements as the low mountain range Eifel. The landscape reflects the geological development of millions of years in fast motion: valleys crisscrossed by rivers, extinct volcanic cones, dry marshes covered with mud, bizarre rock formations and piled-up mountain ranges. Efficient medium-sized businesses in industry, trade, service and commerce characterize the economic structure of the Eifel. Agriculture continues to be important.


The Hunsrück is a multifaceted natural and cultural landscape with its extensive woodlands, species-rich meadows, hedges and meadows in the open countryside, the river and stream valleys, slope quarries (moors) and the characteristic rock formations. Numerous plants and animals find their habitat here. This charming natural and cultural landscape offers something for everyone. Today’s economic structure is characterized by medium-sized enterprises, among others in the food and wood industries, and an impressive potential of small and micro enterprises.


The Moselle has a cultural history dating back over 2,000 years, in which the Romans left clear traces. While the terraced Moselle is proverbially characterized by the extremely steep vineyard terraces, in the Middle and Upper Moselle the vines nestle on the slopes as if in large carpets. Castles and ruins tower over picturesque wine villages. Not only successful winegrowing businesses and wineries characterize the economic picture: service companies operate here just as successfully as large, small and medium-sized companies from trade and manufacturing.

Our offers for you …

We are looking for specialists and managers, young professionals, students, trainees and new starters – from Germany, Europe and the world! In the heart of Europe, we are open for you. We offer a broad spectrum and look forward to hearing from you! – You too can find your dream job in the Trier region!

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Are you a specialist or manager, a young professional or a student and do you want to get a head start in your job? Then you’ve come to the right place here in the Trier region – in the heart of Europe! The following offers will quickly help you in your search.

“Karriereatlas” OF THE IHK Trier

At a glance, the individual company portraits show which positions the company is looking to fill, what additional benefits are available and whether places are offered for internships, dual studies or the bachelor’s/master’s thesis in the company.

IHK Trier


EIFEL: eifeler-jobanzeiger.de | vulkaneifeljobs.de | jobs-in-der-eifel.de
TRIER: jobs-in-trier.com | jobboerse-trier.de
REGION: working-family.de


You would like to work where others go on vacation and are interested in a job at the Mosel, in the Hunsrück or in the Eifel? The online job search portal offers you the opportunity to filter out job offers according to your own wishes and expectations and to create your individual applicant profile.


Not only personal changes, but also the ever-faster pace of change in the job market may also cause you to think about your professional future. Get a fresh start in the Trier region. There are many opportunities to further your private education as well as to acquire new or additional qualifications.

Personal career planning

Support for professional reorientation, further development or career planning is available from specially trained advisors at the Trier Employment Agency. Learn more about funding programs, acquiring new qualifications and how to successfully advance your personal career planning. Make your appointment for a personal on-site or video consultation.

Personalized advice:
Arbeitsagentur, Tel. +49 651 205 7700, E-Mail: Trier.Beratung@arbeitsagentur.de

Event “JOBQ” on 2023

Automation and digitalization are leading to rapid changes in the labor market and make it necessary to constantly strive for further development and training.

How you can keep up with this development and what prospects the Trier region offers, you will learn at the training and career event “JobQ – Qualification brings further”.



Stillstand ist Rückschritt. Wer nochmal richtig durchstarten möchte, findet im Weiterbildungszentrum der IHK Trier und der Akademie der HWK Trier eine Fülle an Seminaren und Lehrgängen. Gerne beraten wir Sie persönlich, welches Angebot für Sie der nächste sinnvolle Schritt sein kann.

Personalized advice:
Weiterbildungszentrum IHK Trier, Anne Janeczek, Tel. +49 651 97 77-7 51, E-Mail: janeczek@trier.ihk.de
Akademie der HWK Trier, Fort- u. Weiterbildung, Marika Willms, Tel. +49 651 207-400, E-Mail: bildung@hwk-trier.de
Meisterfortbildung, Martina Benzmüller, Tel. +49 651 207-233, E-Mail: meisterinfo@hwk-trier.de

The Trier region exudes an international flair not only as a tourist destination. More and more skilled workers from Europe and beyond are finding a job and thus their new center of life on the Moselle, in the Eifel and in the Hunsrück. Under what circumstances you can enter Germany to look for a job or training position and what support options are available for foreign workers, you can find out from the following institutions:

Consulting and job placement in all professional fields

The Trier Employment Agency will be happy to help you find a job or training position and inform you about support programs in Germany.

Agentur für Arbeit Trier

Berufe im Handwerk

Handwerkskammer Trier
Personalized advice
KAUSA-Landesstelle Standort Trier, Aurita Jankauskaite-Lepage,
Tel. +49 651 207-151, E-Mail: alepage@hwk-trier.de

Berufe in Industrie, Handel und Dienstleistung

Personalized advice:
“Welcome Center” of the IHK Trier, Luisa Marx,,
Tel. +49 651 97 77-9 10, E-Mail: marx@trier.ihk.de

Out of your region? Want a change of scenery? Do your apprenticeship in the Trier region. Hidden champions, small and large family businesses, industry, tech companies, start-ups and much more are waiting for you as a trainee. We will put you in direct contact with training companies in the Moselle, Eifel and Hunsrück regions.

Apprenticeships for professions in industry, trade and services

Personalized advice:
Linda Helfen, Tel. +49 651 97 77-3 61, E-Mail: helfen@trier.ihk.de

Other offers of the IHK Trier

Mastering the start of professional life

The career counseling service of the Trier Employment Agency accompanies you on your way into professional life. You will find out which profession suits you, receive information about the training and study opportunities in the Trier region as well as specific training place offers.

Agentur für Arbeit Trier
Online-Portal Ausbildungssuche

Lehrstellen für Handwerkliche Berufe

Personalized advice:
Petra Kollmann, Tel. +49 651 207-232, E-Mail: pkollmann@hwk-trier.de

Other offers of the HWK Trier


Four strong partners are available to assist you with your “onboarding”: Initiative Region Trier e. V. supports the joint efforts of numerous regional players to advance the region economically, socially and culturally. The Handwerkskammer Trier represents the interests of all skilled crafts businesses and offers a wide range of services. It has more than 7,000 member companies, which employ approximately 37,000 people. The IHK Trier is also a service provider for the region’s economy. It represents around 28,000 companies and 90,000 employees. The fourth partner is the Agentur für Arbeit Trier: as a state institution, it handles comprehensive tasks relating to the labor and training market. Like the chambers, it also handles the placement of suitable personnel, arranges training and job opportunities and provides career counseling.